Donald Maclean

Spies of London took a recent trip to Donald Maclean’s grave in Buckinghamshire to mark the publication of a new book about Maclean's amazing life.

Podcast: License to Kill

What concerns us here is the Intelligence Services Act (ISA) of 1994. Buried deep within are a number of sections, as with all such acts. Section 7 is very special indeed. Does Section 7 allow spies to murder?

Podcast: Sir Maurice Oldfield

In the first few episodes we look behind the names of a few of our most famous spies. We didn’t want to start with Kim Philby or the Cambridge Five. They will have their day. We start today with Sir Maurice Oldfield, M himself.

Cell Mates @ Hampstead Theatre

It was the play that went wrong, before The Play That Goes Wrong. Even in 1995, Stephen Fry was a huge star, riding the crest of a career wave that saw him popping up in all kinds of roles, in all kinds of places. His appearance as the Russian mole, George Blake, in Simon Gray’s Cell Mates, was the final straw.