Our Imprints

We know that most readers don't want to get too close to the book business. You want to buy and read books, and that's great. Yet splitting our catalogue into imprints allows us to differentiate some books from some other books. We market each imprint differently, and each one caters to a different audience. And we only have three!

Welly The Dog Books

Crime capers, Elmore Leonard, Carl Hiaasen and even Hunter S. Thompson are some of the writers who inspire us at Welly The Dog.

Patchouli Books

Patchouli was our first imprint in 2002. We launched the career of Paul Charles, an author specialising in science fiction and conspiracy thrillers.


Prestwood Press

Prestwood Press is our new imprint for narrative nonfiction, especially history and nature. We'll be bringing exciting news of our first titles soon.