About Prestwood Press

We're the world's newest small independent book publisher specialising in nature. Or at least, we were when we wrote that. Probably not any longer. We are though, we feel confident, probably the very best small independent book publisher of nature, farming and rural nonfiction that the Chiltern Hills have ever seen. Hello!

We're using the very latest in technology to bring you one of the oldest forms of written communication. Everything we do, from this website, to the printing of our books, is state of the art. And yet we're celebrating tradition, a slowing down and a reflective outlook. The flora and fauna celebrated in these classic works of nature writing have been with us for centuries. Being optimists, we believe they will still be with us centuries after the ebook has either died completely or become the only type of book. Either way, that's too far in the future to worry about.

Our hardbacks can be kept in the family and handed down from one generation to the next, unlike paperbacks. And you can read any one of them in around twenty hours. That's two to three weeks for most people, so you need to make sure it's time well spent. That's why we bring you the very best handpicked books from the last 50 years or so.

Welcome in. No need to wipe your feet. Just browse.