Signed Editions

We are able to offer signed titles from our own authors. These are only available directly from us.


Ernest Zevon

“The story has shades of an English take on Jim Thompson or Gerald Kersh, Derrick Raymond. It's verging on becoming a noir cult classic in years to come - unless some Hollywood guy with 20-20 vision picks up on it.”

— Lance Liddle, via Bebop Spoken Here

Masterfully crafted by prolific writer, P.C. Dettmann, Ernest Zevon embroils readers in the dark and fascinating underworld of Soho, as an unlikely friendship sparks between two musicians, and they tour the country to do far more than innocently play music. Romantic yet chilling, the narrative could easily have inspired a song by the late Leonard Cohen – yet it is original enough to be a hallmark of Dettmann’s style.


Kicking Tin

Kicking Tin is based on the crash of TWA800, which itself shared similarities with other high profile aviation disasters such as Lockerbie Pan Am 103, Iran Air 655, Siberia 1812 and most recently, Malaysian Airlines MH17 over Ukraine. It is the story of a Manchester boy who becomes a lead investigator with the NTSB in Washington. Mike Gilham is a Tin Kicker, an air crash investigator. This is his story.