Terms & Conditions


These are simple and short. If you have a question or concern or issue or complaint, please contact us immediately and we will rectify it.

Generally we prefer to exchange books instead of refund, as we are a very tiny imprint and the book business isn't as profitable as it might once have been. Although we strongly suspect it was never that profitable, even in Victorian times. Unless you were publishing Dickens, which we're not. But if you really would like a refund, drop us an email and we'll figure it out for you. We can only refund or exchange unread items bought within the last 28 days.

Our shipping times are set by the various couriers we use, but if you are in the UK we absolutely aim to get your books into your hand within one week of placing an order. We will nearly always do better than that, except in December or during peak times and other holiday seasons. Unlike Amazon, we really do package and despatch your items using human hands.